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We take a fresh approach to how we support our community.

We see firsthand just how tough it can be for the jobbing actor – unlike many other professions, the struggle and uncertainty does not necessarily lessen as experience grows. Therefore we do not limit our bursary to certain pockets of the profession – in fact, whilst applicants must be over 18, we welcome all professional actors to apply and enforce no upper age limit…

The Actors’ Guild Bursary 2015
Supported by Spotlight

Our 2015 bursary provides approximately £2,500 worth of benefits:

We are always overwhelmed by so many fantastic applications – many of them worthy of winning – so we have teamed up with some of the UK’s top service providers to provide free headshot shoots with Pete Bartlett Photography, Ric Bacon PhotographySimon Annand Photography and Philip Wade Photography as well as a showreel edit with Bespoke Reels to ensure all of the top five applications are rewarded.

2014 Bursary winner…













We are delighted to announce the 2014 Actors’ Guild Bursary has been awarded to actress Tina Harris. We would like to thank everyone who applied – as well as all those who have supported our Bursary – especially Spotlight for sponsoring it and all the companies involved, as listed above.

Tina Harris: “Wow! Still can’t believe It. I’ve never won anything remotely like this fabulous package of industry benefits. Thank you so much, I feel extremely honoured and hugely grateful to have been awarded the bursary and most of all I am thrilled and inspired that The Actors’ Guild have put their faith in me. I will certainly be putting everything to very good use!

I joined the Guild about three years ago, as I wanted to be more in control of my career and brush up my skills after raising a family and having some pretty dramatic events of my own in my personal life! Best investment I ever made for my career. It had been many years since drama school and I was a little worried prior to my first workshop, but there was really no need. I have grown as an actor, learnt so much about how the industry really works and most of all that it’s not just about your talent. In fact one of the things I have loved most is experiencing first hand the wealth of talent, passion and commitment that Actors’ Guild actors posses. I have made some wonderful friends and as other bursary winners have said, it’s great to feel part of a community of very like minded people, who genuinely support each other and cheer each other’s triumphs. I am a better actor and more positive person for it, much more informed, proactive and confident. I have met and connected with some great industry professionals, had the bonus of castings and some lovely work as a direct result too. I have started writing to create work and in times between jobs I am able to keep honed, upbeat and creative by having sides to prepare for forthcoming workshops and I always leave feeling inspired and ready to get up and face whatever the industry delivers to me. In this War centenary year the words of Winston Churchill have significance for the acting profession too…37) ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’

Of course we all have low points, but mostly now instead of worrying about what will or won’t be post casting, I just plan a workshop, get my writing head on, go to see a great film or any one of the other uplifting things you can do to keep happy, fit and as much in control of you career as you can be.

In words the wonderful Robin Williams spoke in Dead Poet’s ‘Carpe Diem! Seize the Day…..make your lives extraordinary’

Thank you so much Actors Guild – can’t wait to get started!”

Our five runner up prizes will be announced shortly…

2013 Bursary winner…

Kevin Shen The 2013 bursary was awarded to Kevin Shen. In the face of hundreds of extremely strong submissions, many of which were worthy of winning, his application was outstanding. Kevin is extremely proactive and dedicated to developing professionally – which includes producing and making his own work as he carves his career.“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I came into the industry via a very non-traditional path, and for the last few years, the Actors’ Guild has been essential to my development as an actor. Without formal training or a network from drama school, I have depended on The Actors’ Guild, which has given me the opportunity to meet and learn from both my fellow actors and industry professionals, who have been amazing sources of support and inspiration. A few years ago, I made the decision to leave the corporate world and its safety and security for the much less predictable but far more satisfying life of an actor. It was a risk that I am glad to have taken, and I am very grateful to have received this bursary, which serves as an affirmation of this decision, encouragement for my future, and opportunity for my continuing development… >> read more

2012 Bursary winner…

The 2012 bursary was awarded to Thomas Coombes. Thomas is 30 years old and has been acting professionally for eight years.“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to The Actors’ Guild. Winning this year’s bursary is appreciated so much – I feel very lucky. As everyone will know, it is not the easiest of professions; so when you have a booster like this, it’s really welcomed & I’m ever so grateful…” >> read more

2011 Bursary winner…

The 2011 bursary was awarded to Philippa Howard. Philippa is 38 years old and a graduate of Bristol Old Vic.“Winning the bursary was such an honour and a privilege for me. Knowing someone has such belief in you to deem you worthy of such a unique collection of benefits gave me renewed faith to keep on being optimistic, that great things can be just around the corner. But the best part of all was discovering The Actors’ Guild itself.I have gleaned so much extra knowledge of our industry, made contacts, had castings and landed my first feature – ‘Flying Blind’, starring Helen McCrory and directed by the award winning Kasia Klimkiewicz – I learnt so much from the stellar cast.”  >> read more